"Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over"

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sometimes it feels like the pain won't stop, like the body is broken beyond repair.  But, healing and joy are always available to us.  To find your best life, or reclaim your lost health, you have to be willing to trust your body, and to set out in a new direction with intention.  All in, all heart.  

I left my life and drove across the country.  I got tired of the voice in my head, doubting every dream:  I could never do that!  That could never happen!  I drove over 3000 miles and hiked outside of San Francisco to find this hidden labyrinth in the picture above.  I walked it's winding circle of stones.  It is so beautiful in this spot with the ocean to one side and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on the other.  I walked into that labrynth one person and I came out another.  Braver, and more badass.  

I gave myself permission to change.  I had always been my biggest roadblock.  I quit drinking.  I deepened my studies of ayurveda and yoga.  I began to imagine a much bigger life.  I shifted my career to one that felt much more like the truth, more like service.  If you are wondering if you can go after this big thing that you know you want, or start out on some bold new path, or just get in the car and drive away from a life that no longer serves you, you not only can but you have to.

I worked as an emergency room nurse for over 20 years and watched modern medicine fail my patients again and again:  doctors and nurses were doing the best they could but it's a broken system.  Conventional medicine throws pharmaceutical solutions at symptoms and never takes the time to find the root of disease, the reasons why the body is in pain.  In my work with clients, I consider their entire medical and emotional history and meet them right where they are today, knowing that healing is a process, that pain can ease, that the body has natural ways to heal with proper support.  We work together to create a holistic treatment plan and find a way out of suffering, a state of feeling good or just better.  

I trained in ayurvedic medicine at the California College of Ayurveda and completed my certification in Inquiry Coaching and Restorative Yoga with Meadow Devor.  I continued my yoga training through Yoga on High in Columbus, Ohio, receiving my RYT-200 hour certification in Hatha yoga.  I am now in the process of completing advanced yoga training in yoga psychology with Ashley Turner in Venice Beach, California.  I have a dumptruck load of compassion for my clients and I have gathered many useful tools from my experience as a lifelong healer: as a nurse, an ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, and inquiry coach.  I create a safe space where clients can learn to trust their bodies' innate wisdom and healing can begin.  Many of my clients turn to ayurvedic medicine and yoga when they have tried everything else to stop the hurt. The journey back to wellness is like that walk in the labyrinth, one slow, deliberate step at a time with the confidence that life is circular and the body will find its way back to health.  

Most of us want quick answers that will sort out our lives into neat boxes and make us feel better. We aim for easy fixes. But that’s like buying new furniture and drapes when the foundation of our house is crumbling. It’s necessary to rebuild trust and support the body from the cellular level, and create a strong foundation of health. I enjoy being a compassionate witness as my clients learn the profound and transformational courage to heal their bodies and heal their lives.

With Love and Kindness


You must change your life.
— Rainer Maria Rilke